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The Veils of Halloween

No other day of the year evokes such mystical connotations as Halloween, The pagan fire festival that signified the end of the harvest and the transition into the dark part of the year. During this time the veils between the world of the living

and the world of the dead are the thinnest. The Veil of Halloween is a sacred portal that is only available this one night of the year, Halloween, the eve of All Souls Day November 1st.

A portal in which spirits can pass through, visit with loved ones and convey messages to them and an excellent time of year for intuitive work! The whole month of October and November are special times for any type

s of psychic work mediumship, spiritualism and magic. Readings done in this season carry an extra energy vibration and accuracy. Contacting the spirits of loved ones should be approached safely and reverently always remembering to protect and ground yourself afterwards. Inviting sprits into this world can be tricky and if you are not careful they can bring some bad spirts through with them. When asking to speak to a loved one who has passed there are simple and safe steps to take: Place a picture of your loved one in front of an orange candle. Visualize the last time you saw them or the sound of their voice. Light the candle before you go to bed and your loved one will visit you in your dreams. Tarot or crystal ball readings this time of the year are especially prophetic, Halloween is the pagan New Year and readings done at this time will give you a view of your year ahead.

And what about ghosts? What is their role at this time of the year? Every culture has its stories of various ghosts or spirits that appear during the Halloween season. Ghosts represent souls that haunt places and people. Restless souls, that have not accepted that they are gone from this world. Some of them have been wronged and want justice or to resolve something in death that they could not in the world of the living. These spirits or ghosts exist between the two worlds, they are attracted to the living because they crave substance and to live once again. Ghosts show themselves to the most sensitive and intuitive amongst us. They can also be contacted by a professional psychic or medium

. Ghosts and spirits can also attach themselves to families and generations of families. These spirits are usually a deceased family member. At this time of the year it is time to honor them by placing a picture of them on a special shelf or altar. Burning some incense and a candle in their honor and setting a place for them at the dinner table on Halloween. Many cultures create a special sacred place for their loved ones that have passed, placing their pictures, flowers , symbols and candles known as an altar to the Dead.

On the eve of Halloween, precisely at midnight, the veil will open and the spirits can pass through it to be one with the living. This special time is temporary, fleeting and should be approached with respect. This night the spirits will hear your questions and concerns. They will also have answers for you. Special knowledge that comes from the realm of the super consciousness, messages that only the deceased can have access to.

Some spirits will cause trouble because they want to be set free. Free to move on to a new life instead of existing in limbo between this world and the next. The thinning of the veil presents an opportunity to send them back for good so that they may finally have peace. The sacred time of Halloween is a time of endings and new beginnings for the living and the dead. Letting go of what holds us back, stepping through the veil and embracing a new spiritual energy that has the power to heal and transform us.


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