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Full moon in Scorpio! The powerful Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22, 2016, amplifies our desires and sets the stage for meaningful personal transformation. This is an emotionally complex opportunity to reflect on the objectivity of the simplistic Taurus Sun, which opposes the Moon in Scorpio. The passionate waters of Scorpio seem to be in direct opposition to our practical drive to survive, and the tension between our inner and outer worlds reaches a breaking point. The rational Scorpio moon tempers our desires to react to circumstances beyond our control. It may not be the time to take action and if you do it has the potential to backfire. After 8pm EDT the moon sinks into Scorpio’s emotional depths and even more control will be needed to weather a difficult dilemma.

Special events:

Saturday April 23rd- Goddess Day with special guest Sheri Wells 12:00pm at the Grove of the Green Cobra 21070 Cielo Vista Way, Wildomar , CA

Join us for the Second Annual Goddess Day at the Grove. There will be a spiritual drumming class with drummer Sheri Wells. Bring a drum if you have one. If not there are enough to share! Goddess ritual, Reiki and readings with Lady Brenda and Georgia. $45 per person for the day includes class and a mini session. It is a potluck so bring your favorite spring dish.

May 11th- 5:55 pm PST- Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Lady Brenda on Blogtalk Radio with host Karen Tate. Lady Brenda talks about the subject of The Modern Witch and Seer.

May 14th- 1pm- Tarot Fact vs Fiction – Mystic Journey Bookstore- 1624 Abbot Kinney, Venice CA. Lady Brenda will be giving a talk on her Tarot Secrets and a short reading from her book, Devlin’s Curse. She will give gallery style readings afterwards.

May 22nd- Reiki Circle and Open House 1:00pm 41176 Guava St, Murrieta, CA.

To R.S.V.P. for any of my events, to book a reading by phone, Skype or in person call or text me at 909-223-9932.

Blessed Be!

Lady Brenda


Aries: You're motivated to resolve an unsettled relationship issue today, but the discussion might not go as smoothly as you wish. Nevertheless, burying your emotions isn't a viable strategy in the long run. Your good intentions aren't enough; you must also be willing to compromise to get what you want.

Taurus: The tried-and-true method that enables you to finish your work on another day isn't sufficient now because of your unrelenting desire to surround yourself with beauty. Letting go of your unrealistic expectations might be necessary to finalize a plan that will be practical enough to work. Luckily, making a small sacrifice pays off sooner than you think in ways you can't imagine

Gemini: Grab an opportunity to do something special with children today if you are given the chance; or if that's not feasible, try unleashing your own inner child on the world. Either way, you can enjoy some playtime now that the Moon is prancing through your 5th House of Fun and Games.

Cancer: You may be feeling ambivalent about socializing with friends or relatives today. You look forward to kicking back and catching up with everyone, but you also worry that someone might pressure you into taking sides in an ongoing conflict.

Leo: You want to maintain some control over your schedule, but your long-term planning may fall apart when an unexpected obstacle appears in your path now. Instead of struggling to stick to your preset schedule today, respond with common sense and quick thinking rather than rigidity and panic

Virgo: You find making financial decisions is painful today because there are no easy answers. Rationalizing your extravagance is a waste of energy now if you're longing for something outside of your budget.

Libra: Don't give in to someone else's pressure to choose one answer over another unless your position is absolutely clear to you. Your ambivalence might annoy others, but it may also be your greatest strength today.

Scorpio: Although you desperately want to understand the symbols of your subconscious mind, you could work yourself into a state of frustration if you assume that every image contains a hidden meaning. The Moon's current visit to your 12th House of Spirituality amplifies the significance of your dreams.

Sagittarius: You may feel disillusioned today if you share something of interest with your friends, only to receive their cold shoulders. But they might not be as negative as you assume because you could have set unattainable expectations before giving anyone a chance to respond. Keep it simple for the best results.

Capricorn: Your strong convictions about a current situation are better expressed today than kept quiet. There's no room for playing games; just let others know your opinion at the earliest opportunity. Managing hidden agendas isn't worth the effort when it's healthier to put everything out on the table.

Aquarius: It may seem as if your friend or partner is maneuvering to earn credit for something that might not be deserved. Your annoyance could become an issue because you don't think that people are paying enough attention to your accomplishments today. Success is the best revenge.

Pisces: You have a rather low tolerance for anyone who promises the sky and then spends too much time on public relations, rather than just rolling up their sleeves and doing the work. You don't want to make judgments, but it becomes more challenging when someone doesn't hold up their end of the deal now.

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