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The Moon Messenger

Greetings! The Moon Messenger is back! This month starts out with a Super Blue Blood Moon. Not since 1855 has the moon been this close to the earth. It s magnetic forces may cause many people to have an over- abundance of emotions in the wake of the this full moon and eclipse. It has the power to bring forth many unresolved issues both emotionally and spiritually. This powerful moon becomes a magnet for change in a person’s life by boldly highlighting those things that need attention and the need to move forward with life. Falling on a Wednesday the day of communications it is a fantastic time to send out a job resume, reach out for new opportunities and to start a new project. It is also a powerful day of healing energy especially for those healing methods that require energy healing or distance healing. On the metaphysical end of things the psychic energy is high and it is a great time for meditations, affirmations and rituals. The Full moon is the height of the lunar energy, supercharged in the sign Leo and the closest it has been to earth in over 150 years. A perfect time to give an extra punch to whatever your goals are for the new year.

Blessed Be!

Lady B


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