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Egyptian Mysteries: The Double Crown

The double crown of ancient Egypt, the read and the white crown symbolized the Pharaoh’s rule over Upper and Lower Egypt, called the Sekhmeti, the two powerful ones . The Red Deshret Crown of Lower Egypt, and the White Hedjet Crown of Upper Egypt. It also bore two animal emblems: The Egyptian Cobra, the Uraeus, ready to strike and the Egyptian vulture goddess, Wadjet, referred to as the two ladies. The White Crown represented Osiris and his connection with the earth and his role as an Earth God of rebirth and regeneration. The Red crown the universal life force and spiritual heart of Egypt. Lower and Upper Egypt as duel powers and polarities that were the backbone of Ancient Egyptian spiritual beliefs. Life death and life through rebirth and regeneration.

Ancient Egypt as a magical society saw symbolism in everywhere in their daily lives and surroundings. Their gods and goddesses held dominion over all domains both spiritual and mundane. Basically the ancient Egyptian lived and breathed awareness with their gods and the Earth and Universe around them. Added to that were the teachings and prophesies of the Priests and Priestesses of the temples. Who many times during Egypt’s long history held more power than the kings and queens. The Pharaoh’s from the first dynasties and part way through the New Kingdom were required to study with the priesthood to become spiritually fit as well as physically fit, seen as a living god to their people.

Life and death was seen as two sides of the same coin to the ancient Egyptians. The myth of Osiris the first Pharaoh of Egypt and his rebirth and regeneration symbolized ancient Egyptian life. Osiris was often depicted with green or black skin symbolizing the life giving black mud of the Nile or the new green growth of the crops. In the myth Osiris was chopped into pieces and strewn throughout the four corners of Egypt. In essence planting the seeds of himself throughout the land. Earthen clay figures of Osiris have even been found in tombs in which corn seeds had been germinated like Chia pets!

The mystery of the god Osiris and his regenerative powers goes back thousands of years before the birth of Christ. His story written on ancient papyrus in the Book of The Dead mirrors the story of Jesus as the Lord of Resurrection . Osiris himself was thought to have one time been a mortal man who came with a handful of followers from a mysterious Land of the West to bring knowledge of crops and a written language to the primitive peoples that were living in mud huts at the edge of the Nile river. Many have speculated that he came from Atlantis or was an extraterrestrial from the constellation of Orion. Whatever the mystery of his origins his influence and that of his followers brought with them a written language, knowledge of crops and planting, healing and a complete system of spiritual beliefs. He was the first to wear the double crown and the father of all of ancient Egypt.

Lady Brenda

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