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On 23 March 2016, people across the world will be able to see the full moon rise in the sky. Nothing unusual compared to other months, except that at this time of the year as winter gives way to spring, the phenomenon is also known under another name: Worm Moon. It is also a Lunar eclipse, the second one in the month and the earliest equinox in 120 years

Referring in such a way to the March full moon is a tradition dating back to Native Americans who gave names to the different full moons to symbolise what was going on in their natural environment and to mark the seasons. Generally speaking, moon cycles were followed closely by the different tribes to keep track of the passing of time.As the last winter full moon, the 'Worm Moon' was closely associated with spring, rebirth and renewal. It got its name from the worm trails that would appear as nature began waking up and earthworms started showing themselves. With earthworms, the tribes also saw the return of robins, the brightly coloured birds that are synonymous with warmth and sunshine.

Some Native American Tribes also knew the March full Moon under other names. One of the most popular in the northern parts of America was "Crow Moon", as the birds' cawing announced the end of the cold winter months.

Special Events:

Devlin’s Curse Book Release

At long last my paranormal fantasy novel, Devlin’s Curse was released March 2nd and is available on

Reiki Class

Reiki 1 and 2 April 10th 11:00 Sunday at my new office 41176 Guava St. #A Murrieta 92562. Join Lady Brenda and Georgia Vlahos as they teach the healing technique of Reiki followed by attunements and practical work on the Reiki table. $ 75 for Reiki 1 , $100 for Reiki 2, $150 for 1&2

Goddess Day

Goddess Day, April 23rd 12:00 noon at the Grove of the Green Cobra 21070 Cielo Vista Way Wildomar Ca. 92595. Join us for our second annual Goddess Day with special guest Sheri Wells. Sheri will be teaching a spiritual drumming class in the circle. Bring your own drum or borrow one. Drums will also be for sale that day too. $45 per person. Goddess ritual and potluck to celebrate the blessings of Spring.

Private readings by Lady Brenda: Phone, skype or in person to book an appointment call 909-223-9932 and

Astro Blurb

Aries : The lunar eclipse in your 7th house of others brings high confidence. Others may not be able to meet you halfway on your plan if you come off too arrogantly today. Although you might prefer everyone to follow your agenda, it's not wise to push to get your way.

Taurus: Making progress on your long-term goals is a walk in the park when all the details fall into place. Nevertheless, something still seems a bit off as the Libra Full Moon Eclipse rattles your 6th House of minutiae.

Gemini: You're on your best behavior today because you know that your unrestrained shenanigans could interfere with opportunities for pleasure. Nevertheless, the Libra Full Moon Eclipse polarizes your 5th House of Play, encouraging you to get into mischief anyhow.

Cancer: The strategic Libra Lunar Eclipse occurring in your 4th House of Home and Family triggers familiar issues regarding childhood insecurities. But you can't escape completely today; the sooner you face your emotions, the sooner everyone will begin to feel better.

Leo: You're motivated by your personal need to know everyone's business while the Libra Lunar Eclipse shakes up your 3rd House of Information today. Simultaneously, you may become so preoccupied with an impractical idea that it can turn into an obsession.

Virgo: Money issues are emphasized while the Libra Full Moon Eclipse activates your 2nd House of Finances. You might realize that your old values are out of sync with your current aspirations now. There's no hurry, so step slowly into your future.

Libra: Maintaining a peaceful relationship life is highly unlikely while the pleasure-seeking Libra Full Moon encounters several combative planets in the sign of Aries. The emotional drama might be more meaningful if there was someone special with whom you could share your experience.

Scorpio: The imbalanced Libra Full Moon Eclipse is like an emotional time bomb in your 12th House of secrets, preventing you from reaching satisfaction. Don't attempt to resolve any decisions too quickly. Author Brene Brown wrote, "Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." –

Sagittarius: You could place such inflated expectations on your friends that you just assume they'll come through for you today, although they might not actually meet your idealistic standards. Meanwhile, you're distracted with interpersonal politics while the Libra Full Moon Eclipse in your 11th House of Groups opposes the Sun and Mercury in your 5th House of Creativity.

Capricorn: You know exactly what you must do to come through for the people who depend on you. The Libra Full Moon Eclipse accentuates your 10th House of Public Status, enabling you to focus your mind like a laser light on whatever must be coerced into place to reach your professional objectives.

Aquarius: You enjoy visualizing how you will live in years ahead, but your daydreaming could be rather distracting to everyone else today. The energy-balancing Libra Lunar Eclipse falls in your 9th House of Adventure, encouraging you to keep a foot in the future while stabilizing the other one in the here and now. Widening your perspective enables you to maintain your unflagging vision for a better tomorrow while avoiding unrealistic idealism in the process

Pisces: The Libra Lunar Eclipse shakes up your 8th House of intimacy. Consider the consequences of unrestrained ambitions to avoid complications later on. Let your love light shine brightly by setting aside personal desires now in the name of harmony.

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