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Lady Brenda, Psychic

Internationally Acclaimed Psychic: Brenda McKoy A.K.A. Lady Brenda has been a professional Psychic for over 20 years.  She is a third generation psychic, clairvoyant and medium. She specializes in concise, on target predictions, including dates, times and places that deal with daily life as well as the esoteric. The tools she uses are the Crystal ball, Tarot, Playing cards and Palmistry. Through these tools and her natural psychic ability, the Oracle is revealed. Your life past, present and future is laid out before you. Problems can be solved, events can be planned and a better understanding of oneself can be found. Lady Brenda is available for private readings in person, by phone or groups. Mediumship, house blessings and spirit contact upon request.


For Consultations

Call or text 909-223-9932 or email


1 Hour Phone, Skype or in person $125.00

1/2 Hour Phone, Skype or in person $75.00

Parties, groups or special events priced individually.

Seances, house clearings and spirit contact on a case by case basis.

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