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Ghosts, Legends and Notorious Characters

Virginia City the setting for Devlin's Curse, is well acqainted with sprits and Devils of all kinds.

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." — Edgar Allan

Thaddeus was a solitary man more at home with the dead than the living. Tall and cadaverous, he was dressed in a rusty black suit with a stovepipe hat which he rarely removed. He enjoyed taking walks through the cemetery at dusk. It gave him a sense of satisfaction to see the headstones of the dead that he had personally prepared for their final rest.

It was there one evening in the twilight while he was while taking his evening stroll that he met the Widow. She was standing motionless under a skeletal, leafless tree, a long black lace veil covering her face. A shy and self-conscious man, Thaddeus had never been close to a woman before. Compelled, he approached her. She lifted her veil to reveal a mass of tight curly blond hair, pale white skin and eyes that shone like blue diamonds. He asked if she would like to walk with him and they set off together through the vast cemetery. She was a librarian, she had said, which interested him for he had a love of books as well, especially those that were written by Edgar Allan Poe. When the darkness fell they went their separate ways.

The next day he saw her again on the third day when the darkness fell and they walked side by side she stopped and all of a sudden embraced him. Stunned and overjoyed he hardly noticed when she sunk her teeth into his neck. From then on he became her willing donor and a dark love blossomed between them.

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