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Lady Brenda's Moon Messenger

Find out what the next month has in store for you with Lady Brenda's very mystical Moon Messenger.

The Moon Messenger

The Moon's shift into Virgo at 6:24 am EST asks us to focus our feelings only on what's important. However, the Pisces Sun diffuses our actions before they have the desired impact. The Moon's anxious aspects to mysterious Pluto and rebellious Uranus make it nearly impossible to settle our emotions. Nevertheless, the analytical Virgo Full Moon at 1:19 pm reminds us that critical thinking is the best antidote to getting lost in our dreams.


I know I have been remiss about sending The Moon Messenger every month but things have been really busy!! Here are some special events for the month of March. And once again thank you for all your support.

March 2nd release date of my fantasy fiction novel Devlin’s Curse, a vampire western that takes place in 1870’s Nevada. You can order on Amazon at And yes I am shamelessly asking for reviews!

Throw a book party and the readings are free!

March 13th Reiki Circle 1:00pm 31900 Mission Trial #254 Lake Elsinore 92530- Donation $5. Come and share the healing! Reiki 1 and 2 available before the circle. Contact Lady Brenda 909-223-9932

March 19th Catharae’s Hafla bellydance show in Rialto. Come and join in the fun!

Blessed Be! Lady B

To contact me for readings, parties and book parties :

Twitter: @ladybrendamckoy

ASTRO BLURB: Aries: Your intuition isn't in tune with your world today, so you shouldn't rely solely on your instincts. Chances are good that you're blowing your fantasies out of proportion and confusing the results with reality. Don’t leap before you look!

Taurus: Your energy could be overcommitted now as your firm resolve makes it tough to say no to an important project. Although you usually aren't one to take on more than you can deliver, your judgment is a bit warped now. Pay attention to details.

Gemini: Unavoidable tensions may be stirred up at home today, distracting you from commitments at work. If you're overwhelmed with too much information, you might try to escape into your vivid imagination. It is time to look within and turn the reactive to action.

Cancer: Your emotions may be lifting off into the boundless blue sky because it seems like there are no walls to constrain you today. Thankfully, you have a heartfelt connection with the Moon and can't help but be influenced by the earthy Virgo Full Moon's presence in your 3rd House of Communication.

Leo:You are eager to contribute toward making a project a rip-roaring success today by doing your part. However, behind the beautiful scene something isn't quite as perfect as it seems while the critical Virgo Full Moon shines in your 2nd House of Values.

Virgo : Your emotions continue to build, and now it's time to acknowledge the joy that's in your heart, even if it runs counter to your rational thoughts. Although you might know what makes practical sense in a relationship. Choose happiness over caution today and you won't be sorry.

Libra: Your thoughts may be running wild today, but it's crucial to remain positive, especially if you haven't reached your destination yet. Set your sites on a new round of goals and give it your very best.

Scorpio: There may be no better time to reassess your social status and reconsider what trajectory you want. Somehow, you've been sidetracked, but your fresh perspective about a creative project today can also help you understand how to make things work more efficiently in other aspects of your life.

Saggitarius: You're experiencing a wide gamut of feelings today as you review your overall goals for the next couple of weeks. Today's Virgo Full Moon highlights your 10th House of Career, lifting your spirits into outer dimensions so you can see the potential for nearly anything.

Capricorn: Although you may fail to reach your goal now, the real news is about the doors of opportunity that continue to swing open. You still might reap the rewards of your recent work sooner than you expect because the industrious Virgo Full Moon lands in your 9th House of Future Vision.

Aquarius: You might feel as if you're emotionally in over your head today. Your current struggles stem from the intense energy of the service-oriented Virgo Full Moon rattling your 8th House of Intimacy. Relationship dynamics will grow more manageable as the reflective Moon wanes over the next few days. Soon you'll be looking back at an amazing experience from the calmer waters ahead. Don't just survive when you can thrive.

Pisces: You are in full-on communication mode, even if the right words seem to escape you in front of an audience. This Virgo Full Moon lights up your 7th House of Partners, encouraging you to make meaningful connections. But people might surprise you by showering you with harsh criticism today.

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