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      Author and Healer

Welcome to Lady Brenda's Psychic, healing and author website.  Lady Brenda is a fourth generation psychic a Reiki Master Healer and a published author.  A reading with Lady Brenda gives you precise on target predictions as well as information from those who have passed on.  Lady Brenda's Reiki and healing sessions are available in person and distance.

An author of both fiction and non fiction Lady Brenda's books are available through the link

on her author page and Amazon.

      Devlin's Curse


A wicked tale of  love and immortality set against the backdrop of the Old West…


Esmeralda Jones, exorcist and healer travels to the notorious gold town of Virginia City where a demonic presence lurks deep in the Gilded Bird mine. A woman with a mysterious past, she sets herself up in a fine salon where she can fulfill her calling to purge innocent souls from unspeakable evil. But it is the unexpected encounter with Devlin Winter, gambler, gunfighter and sinfully handsome vampire what puts her soul and carefully guarded heart in peril.


Driven by a passion of many lifetimes and the thirst for revenge, Devlin doesn’t realize that Esmeralda becomes the bait that draws him into the demon’s lair, deep inside the Gilded Bird mine. At the mine, he confronts Virginia City’s most prominent mine owners, a rabid pack of hired guns and a Babylonian demon. Devlin and Esmeralda face a fierce battle that even his immortal strength and her magical abilities may not be sufficient to overcome.  It's a battle where Esmeralda herself may have to choose between a half-life and immortality to survive.

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